ROCK and support for Native DSD on McIntosh DA2

When will ROCK support Natvive DSD for McIntosh’s DA2 DACs?
We are now at 2.0 of this great sw.
I have a C53 preamp which is a Roon Tested device but CANNOT obtain Native DSD. Meaning the most I can get is 256 DSD

ROCK (Roon OS) ≠ Roon (Roon Server)
Roon OS is still 1.x (last updated August 2020).

Providing drivers is usually the job of the hardware device manufacturer. As far as I can see from McIntosh’s web site, they don’t seem to have special Linux support. They, like many other audio device manufacturer too, seem to be quite happy with their (only) UAC2 support for Linux and MacOS.
Sadly this limits DSD support to DSD256 over PCM.

Note: For some hardware you can use a streamer with patched Linux kernel that allows enabling native DSD and higher rates (please check site of those to see if the DA2 is amongst the supported devices there). As far as I’m aware, Roon Labs though has made clear that ROCK is meant as a stable base to run Roon Server (not willing to update ROCK just for the sake of latest [experimental] DSD driver support). And there is also this: