ROCK and USB drive

Roon Core Machine
NUC i7 / ROCK 256
Toshiba USB drive (500G / NSFT)
Everything has been working great for months.
I powered off the NUC and unplugged the USB drive.
Plugged it into another computer to add another folder of songs.

But, when I plugged it back into the NUC and powered up ROCK, there was a storage error: unavailable. And the Toshiba (nothing) show up in the diaolog box when I try adding another folder… Rebooting does not help. Rock is not recognizing any USB storage. (Oh, the ports are enabled in the BIOS).


If the USB drive is NTFS formatted, it may not have been “Ejected” properly from the other computer. You may need to reattach it to that computer, run chkdisc /f, and then eject it properly from the computer. The latest versions of Rock are picky about this.

Yes, indeed. I must have yanked it out of the second computer before plugging back into the NUC. All is well now.

Thanks again.

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