ROCK as a standalone server with no monitor plugged in?

Does anyone knows whether, once installed properly, a NUC with ROCK can run with no monitor plugged? I mean can ROCK be setup with no sys login required and auto launch of roon? The purpose is to control ROCK via remote app on a tablet exclusively. You power it on and it gets operative with no user interaction making the monitor an option. Ideally, roon remote should also turn it off.


This is the way ROCK is normally used. I have a NUC under my desk right now running ROCK with no monitor or keyboard attached.

We don’t currently have a way to power off or reset a ROCK through Roon remote, but it is possible to turn the NUC off (but not on!) using the web interface.

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Brilliant, this make it easy to move it from one room to the other when needed. No peripherals to move with it… plug the power, connect the dac, power on and enjoy! Turn off through remote app would be ideal! Great job!

It is simple on a tablet to switch from the Roon app to the Rock web page to turn it off.

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I’m not sure what your need to move it from room to room is unless you have usb connected devices in different rooms that you only want on the core…in which case you could use something like a raspberry pi with dietpi or ropieee to connect them 24/7 as an option

You can run most computers “headless” with no issues like Macmini or other pc variants even with windows os. I have all these devices headless in my setup.

@ben, on a related note, can a ROCK NUC with an attached DAC function as a Roon Speaker?

I’m contemplating the purchase of a NUC but I’ve just sold my microRendu (in preparation for an upgrade to an ultra). I’m wondering if, in the intervening time when I am without a proper “Roon Speaker” the ROCK could fill that gap if I plugged my DAC directly into it?

Edit: Did some additional reading. Based on various comments in this thread NUC USB audio out, it would seem that a ROCK NUC functions as-expected with a DAC directly attached. Sweet!

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