ROCK as both Core and Output (endpoint)

Before I lay out my $500 for a ROCK I just want to be sure it will work as expected. I intend to use it for my ROON Core (currently running on an iMac), but I also want to use it as an Output device (I see community often uses the term ‘endpoint’ but ROON architecture uses term Output) by using the NUCs USB output directly to my Hegel Rost USB input (and thus use the internal DAC of the Rost)

Can someone confirm that this will work as expected? Will I be able to control volume directly from ROON application?

I use two usb connections from my ROCK NUC to two different DAC/Amps successfully. However, I use fixed volume and control it from the amps.

Yes this will work but in my experience volume control is not what you would want.

The only time I’ve experienced proper device volume control with Roon is via Ethernet connection.

You can control volume from the Roon app with a USB connection but it is 0 - 100 of the current setting on the amp (if you choose device volume rather than fixed volume in the Roon setup).

I guess you mean laying out $500 for a NUC to run ROCK on?
Some times people misunderstand the terms.

Yeah, I see the term ‘endpoint’ as referring to the transport device (and possibly the attached DAC,also). Whereas Output would include the action and the necessary mechanism to produce sound, i.e. speakers, also. IMO.

Just when you thought being pedantic was a lost art. :smirk: