ROCK as endpoint/bridge only?

Can I use ROCK as just an endpoint without the server running?

Yes you can just don’t connect to it as your core. Just add it to your existing core as an endpoint it should show up.

Thanks. It seemed to work that way but I think that the server service keeps running even though I have pointed my endpoints to the new Core. I wonder if there is a way to stop just the server service?

I tried stopping it via the web interface but that stopped the music through the endpoint also…

Yes it will it’s all part of the same thing. So you have to leave it running . It’s doing anything as it’s not authorized so won’t change anything

There is one problem with leaving the unused core up. When I went to connect via my iPhone, iPad, and another PC they all wanted me to decomission the NEW Core. Since I obviously did not want to do that I eventually figured out that I could just turn off the service on the old Core, connect these new devices to the new Core and then bring the old one back online since I still needed it as an endpoint.

It would be slicker to either have two versions of ROCK or be able to selectively disable the server service while leaving Bridge up…

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I would simply delete your old installation, clearing out all of your old data. When you re-install you tell it you want it for control purposes only. It will then behave correctly and not offer itself as a potential core. That said, a bridge only version of ROCK would be cool!


Thanks Henry. I did not realize that was an install option. Can I do that from the web interface or is it done via the USB stick?

Hi mourip
Have you been successful or have you found another solution?

There is no other way. As long as you don’t setup the server on this device it does not cause any issues. I have two instances of ROCK running in my system one has the authorised licensed core, the other is just an endpoint. You just install ROCK and forget as their is nothing else to do. It will show up as a RoonOS device that you enable for playback.

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Thank you very much for the info :+1: