ROCK as Output/Bridge/End Point?

Can the ROCK be used as a USB Output/Bridge/End Point? I want to use one ROCK as a Core/Server and three-four ROCKs as Output/End Points with USB DACs throughout the house.

Forgive me if this has been answered, but as I searched through the forum, I couldn’t get a definite answer. Thanks for sharing your time!

Rock runs full Roon server which will only allow one license active on one of them this can act as an endpoint. You need Roon bridge on other machines to use as endpoints.

You can use ROCK machines as end points. I have ROCK running on an Atom powered NUC board and it works very well. They are seen as networked devices by the core, but they won’t auto-update. You simply update them through the web GUI when an update is due. The board I used was the DE3815TYBE with a SATA DOM and a 4gb stick of DDR3L. It is rock solid stable with proper board architecture, gigabit LAN, USB 2 and 3, no shared highways and excellent power management.

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I stand corrected.

I want to use the best i7 NUC board for ROCK.

Why the best i7? Because I really like Roon and I don’t want to be limited in the future with updates, upgrades, more rooms and DSP. The price difference just isn’t worth compromise.

I’ve been researching Chris Connaker‘s guide:

He used a NUC7i7BNH last year with his ROCK build. Is there currently a better NUC for ROCK?

That is the best supported NUC. There are new machines in the offing but they are not yet supported. You can wait for the Gen8 machines to come out but to be honest the one CC refers to is going to be around and supported for quite a while.

Perfect…thanks! That’s exactly what I needed to know.