ROCK + Ayre Codex via USB?

As the title says, is this possible?

The NUC is the seventh generation i5 BNH. Currently just running the ROCK successfully for several months.

Or does it require special USB drivers?

It will be connected via USB to the DAC - Ayre Codex


I believe this is possible but not necessarily recommended (due to quality and noise issues).

After a fair bit of research I went for an Allo USBridge as a high quality but very reasonably priced endpoint in addition to my ROCK NUC. If this was too much then a raspberry pi would be an even cheaper option while still allowing you to keep the server for its intended purpose.

It is possible. If your USB endpoint works on Linux, it’ll work on ROCK.


I am totally aware of the noise issue, but I have the ultraRendu on order, and not in the house yet. Just getting the Ayre Codex today.

I have no idea if it works on Linux. The manual says nothing.

I guess I will have to try :wink:

This did not work. Just I thought I’d give an update. I tried both USB outs on the NUC. No sound coming out

does the endpoint show up in Roon?

It did. And I enabled it. In the field marked as “included (or connected, don’t remember) to Core”. Along with the HDMI ports, so I had four total on roon, under settings then Audio.

@support – anyone seen an Ayre Codex?

Thousands of ROCK and Nucleus installs use USB DACs, so this is some type of issue with the Ayre Codex + Roon OS (or Linux)

Probably no need to waste their time on this. I am getting an ultraRendu anyways (it will probably arrive today or tomorrow), as I certainly want to separate the endpoint from Core, so this was only for curiosity.

I did connect my Windows PC to Ayre, and worked well as an endpoint via Roon. If that means anything. It recognized and pulled Ayre USB drivers automatically

let us know if it works with the ultraRendu – it may not.

Oh crap! I never though about this… crossing fingers!

I quickly googled it, and several forums posts come up (mostly on computer audiophile site) with people successfully using microRendu and ultraRendu with Ayre Codex.

Crossing fingers I won’t have any issues…

Back home, ultraRendu had arrived, hooked up to Ayre Codex. works! It was very easy

We have requested a Codex from Ayre and they are going to send it. We will have this resolved soon enough we hope.