ROCK - Backing up exFat drive containing media

I am using a 4TB USB drive with Rock. As recommended I formatted it exFat. It has worked well. Recently I have been having connection problems…the NUC dropping off the network ( ethernet ). That seems to have been solved by reflashing the NUC bios. But… it occurred to me that I should back up the media drive. Used Carbon Copy Cloner on Mac Pro. Big problems…many read errors and SLOW. VERY SLOW. Still not finished. Did some research and find that there are numerous reports of similar problems with exFat on a Mac.
Has anyone tried to back-up an exFat drive in this way?

Exfat is will supported MacOS. It you are getting errors, I would first check the drive.

I did check the drive. It wouldn’t mount and I had to use a data recovery app to retrieve the data.

I think I will return the NUC drive to exFat and back- up to a mac journaled drive and be very cardful with the exFat drive.