ROCK Backup failed - no local storage showing up?


Built my ROCK a couple days ago with some hiccups, but it’s up and running and sounds great.

I have my music stored locally on a Samsung EVO 850 internal SSD in the NUC with an m.2 SSD with the OS. Local files play fine as well as Tidal streaming.

Today I realized the ROCK wasn’t able to back itself up. When I try to select a backup location it shows no local directory available to store, just the prompt to add a network location or sign into Dropbox. I tried manually going into the smb1 directory via my Windows PC and creating the default directory data/RoonBackups but that didn’t help either.

If this is pertinent, I originally migrated my Roon Core to the ROCK using an external USB hard drive.

Any ideas?

I believe that ROCK is designed such that it is not possible to create a Backup directory on internal drives. You must use either an external USB drive, network storage or Dropbox.

If you think about it, it makes sense.

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Well that would make a lot of sense now, wouldn’t it? :slight_smile: Thanks for the explanation. In retrospect it seems sorta obvious!