ROCK Backups not working

Backups are no longer working. I have a flash drive plugged into my ROCK where backups were being saved. That flash drive is no longer recognized by Roon.

I removed it and was able to view the backup files with my PC. Plugged it back into the ROCK, restarted it, still not visible. What’s the deal?

Have you tried a different USB port? Flagging @support for you too

Thanks. Pretty sure I plugged it into a different port after trying it with my PC but I will try moving it again. It should show up in the storage folder on the network right?

I believe so…I back mine up to a NAS folder. When you restarted it do you mean restarted ROCK or powered off and on the NUC?

I used the web UI to restart it.

Okay so I moved the flash drive to a front panel usb port and it showed up on the network. Then I moved it to a back panel usb port and it is now being recognized there too. Then I tried to do a manual backup with roon and was able to select the flash drive but as soon as the backup begins it fails and Roon says backup directory not available. So even though it is available, as soon as I try to use the flash drive for a backup it disappears.

Maybe the drive is failing…flash drives do die…try another drive…not like they are crazy exp for 32GB these days

Or maybe its full?

PC said 116 GB available of 119. It is a Samsung I just bought a few months ago so such an early failure would surprise me. But I will try another drive.

Maybe reformat it

Hi @Tim_Wilson,

Definitely give another drive a go and let us know if there are any troubles. Knowing whether this behavior is limited to the one drive or occurs to other backup locations will help narrow down where this behavior is stemming from.