Rock boots to blank screen

Yes, those were early format OEM drives and then NVMe drives took over. It may be that ROCK, which has very scaled down set of drivers, actually doesn’t have the needed drivers for the M.2/AHCI combo. It might be expecting an NVMe drive in that slot.

I know Windows does, having used this drive in various machines back in '15 and '16 which is why it worked for the NUC when it was running Widnows. Another Linux distro, Ubuntu, might also have no issue.

Out of curiosity, I’m still wondering why you left the Windows install that was working. It is not like ROCK is bringing any benefit to SQ or really speed.

I do too. I have horror stories about some of the other brands.

I decided to try a ROCK system vs a working Windows system mostly due to getting tired of constant windows updates and restarts required. Roon was basically the only thing I had running on that HTPC NUC and it seems kind of heavy needing to keep windows updated and antivirus scans when it looks like ROCK may serve the same purpose with set and forget. So many devices to manage today (personal devices, work devices, family devices, IOT devices, etc.). You can go crazy keeping everything updated and running smoothly. My experience with Linux boxes is that they require less babysitting. So ROCK hopefully will fit the bill. Still patiently waiting for my Amazon delivery of the new SSD…

Gotcha, I use windows enterprise, only security updates.

SUCCESS! With the new NVMe drive installed everything works just as expected!

Not sure why Roon is re-indexing my library following the backup restore, considering all of the source music is in the exact same path as before, but I guess I’ll just let it run and it appears all good now.

Thanks for the help troubleshooting this odd issue!


Hi @CraigK,

Thanks for the update here and for letting us know the new drive works as expected, this is great news indeed! Hope you have a great ROCK experience!

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