ROCK build 1159, Remote 1148

I’ve tried everything and I am able to use MacOS Remote and Core, but I can’t use Roon Remote on iPad or iPhone, though ARC is working. Any further suggestions?

What did you try exactly? Are you trying to go to earlyaccess or to production? What are the versions on Core, macOS, iPhone and iPad?

I know I have early access 1159 on my Core (Mac Mini) and my Remote (MacBook Pro). I have an iPad and and iPhone both on iOS 16. Roon Core operates flawlessly but Roon Remote does not.

Thanks for your help.

Install Test Flight on your iPhone and iPad and update Roon Remote from Test Flight.

I tried but it asked me for a code and I only had the code for the ARC app.

Thanks. I was able to go through the link and activate it.

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