ROCK build constantly accessing one drive

I need to do some more troubleshooting, but one of my new 12TB Seagate EXOS X12 drives is seeking, re-parking the head a lot when connected to the ROCK.

IIRC, last week I connected to another machine and its idle behavior normalized quickly.

Home from work tonight, with nothing accessing Roon, and the X12 lights are flashing on the USB enclosure, the head is seeking every 4-5 seconds, the other is barely warm to the touch and all green lights. Both are connected NUC build via USB3 ports. I swapped drives into opposite enclosures with no difference, and that is what led me to test the offending drive on a separate workstation. I was initially getting heading parking every 1 second and thought it was a bad drive, now I am not so sure.

Will check the drive on another machine now and run some tests I guess.

Roon is constantly monitoring your Music dir. It drove me crazy with my NAS. I would prefer if there was an option to disable the real time monitoring.

Only one drive is affected, and only when connected to the ROCK.

I’ve run Seatools SMART and Short DST tests on this drive with no issues.

The only thing I can think of is that one drive was formatted with 16k sector size vs. 4k.

Very strange. One drive is cool other is hot from being ROCKED!


Tagged support because I’ve done enough testing, but not sure what to try next.

This is a 12TB drive and I would rather not reformat and start over.

When I come home, Roon is idle and one drive is in a low power mode while the other is going crazy.

One drive has all DSD files, the other has HighRes PCM.

The only thing I can think of at this point is that the DSD drive has a folder with a tool in it to extract SACD ISO. But that tool needs to be manually run.

Roon reports all files accounted for, no import or scan is running.

If you unmount the hot drive does the other one start up or stay quiet?

Hello @jcat,

Can you please let me know what the contents of that hard drive are? What is your background Audio Analysis Speed and On-Demand Audio Analysis speed set to?


Sorry for the delay, I think it must have been audio analysis was turned on, sorry. So many files (450K) I forgot it was still running after a month of building the ROCK.

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