ROCK build to Win10 stable performance of CORE on i7 [Resolved - DNS setting]

I have my main CORE on a WIN10Pro i7-7700 CPU build Stable B234…startup time for connecting to the core changing from ROCK NUC7i7 B79/237 is about 1 second or so.

But when I change from Win10 CORE to the ROCK it takes maybe 10 secs or so to get the overview screen up…jelly fish pulsing for 10 secs

This is from the same MBPro wifi connected remote and is repeatable, but is also typical of any of the other remotes on iOS with ROCK connect time being very long.

The library on the Win10 CORE is 150,000 tracks, ROCK is only 13,000 so I am wondering what the delay is being caused by…


@danny no idea what’s causing this? but b238 is just the same :frowning:

Just to add to this the tidal track play is much slower to start in the rock core too…

Nobody has any suggestions for trying to improve or troubleshoot this?

Hey @wizardofoz,

Sorry for slow response here. How both cores are connected to the network ? And what is your network topology in general ?

all gigabit ethernet…but I will move the NUC to the same switch as the W10 core and see if that changes anything. even a LAN connected remote (OS X iMac) connected to W10 core fine and and slow to the ROCK and they are on the same switch.

Try that and let us know, I think troubleshooting this issue as a network problem is a good starting point.

the only thing different from a standard rock setup is I’m using fixed IP and the DNS settings that my router gives out as DHCP. That shouldn’t perhaps be an issue…but ill compare with the settings for fixed IP on my w10 box

How many DNS servers can be listed?

I just changed mine to 3 with the router/gateway now also listed

@vova actually adding the in front seems to have done the trick…might have to change my DHCP server settings…more testing to be done before I call it resolved

This appears to have solved the mystery of the delays…My W10 Core is using

So I think I might have to go and see what the DHCP server is handing out as its missing the gateway router

Marking this Resolved for now…some kind soul please close it.