ROCK cannot be connected to Roon app

Core Machine

NUC i7

Network Details

Apple time capsule

Audio Devices

CH Precision

Library Size

3000 tracks

Description of Issue

Since 2 days my NUC i7 server on which I run ROCK can no longer connect with the Roon app. I receive a message NETWORK ERROR, but my network works well with all other applications and I can even log in my Roon account.

Did the IP address or connection type change on your core? EG from Wifi to physical ethernet? or 10.0.1.X to
Can you confirm the IP address of the core?

Did not change anything. IP address is confirmed

My gut says one of the two screenshots is lying to us. can you ping and get a reply? DHCP is listed vs static under IP. it is entirely possible going forward (not probable though) that a different lease and IP could be assigned. just a heads up.
If you get a ping reply. I’m useless and will learn as well.
Good luck.

The symptom is that your Roon Remote (your iPhone?) can’t connect to the Core. Have you Roon available on another device (e,g, Mac or iPad) that you could try?

If that doesn’t work, then try power cycling everything in the Network path, including your router, as described in this Help article:

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Thanks Geoff. Power cycling was the solution! I had to detach every equipment from power and re-attach them. It works again :slight_smile: