ROCK can't read EXT4FS Filesystem!


Using a NUC with ROCK installed on it. I have another drive which had Daphile and all my music was stored on a Ext4fs partition.

ROCK can’t read that partition. To me it’s a real problem. Can this be fixed?


What does it mean …

“ROCK can’t read that partition”

Can you provide more details?

Did you see the drive in your RoonOS Web Interface?

The drive does not appear at all. Seems ROCK can only read NTFS / FAT32 / exFAT drives.

Can you see the drive in NUC BIOS?
Do you have multiple partitions in drive? This may be a reason.

EXT4 should work fine with ROCK:

Yes, it’s a Daphile drive with a daphile partition and data (ext4). The drive appears in bios but not in ROCK.

I don’t know if existing multiple partitions make ROCK not showing the drive (or there is another problem)…

You can install Linux and Roon Core (instead of ROCK), and you will be able to use your drive as it is.

I have booted Daphile again, put and external drive and I’m copying the files to it.
Once copy was done, I asked Roon to format the internal storage.
Now copying back

Takes times. But it works !

Aha, you didn’t mention the drive was internal to ROCK.

No matter how the drive was partitioned, ROCK’s internal drive must be partitioned from within ROCK’s Web GUI.

My guess is the problem was that the drive belonged to another OS and so ROCK or another OS wouldn’t be allowed access unless granted.