ROCK can't see audio devices [resolved: needed device config]

I got rock working. It doesn’t see two of my audio devices that roon on my iMac saw. It has yet to see a squeezebox. It has only seen my auralic aries through apple airplay. When I turn off airplay on the aries and leave roon ready turned on, Rock still doesn’t see it. Should roon rock be able to connect to squeezeboxes and auralic aries? This is with ron 1.4.

have you enabled squeezebox support. Does the aries show up in settings, audio. If so have you enabled it. Really need screenshots of your settings and details of your lan setup to be able to help.

Thanks for the response.

I solved the problem. It was user error. I had to work with the aries to get it to the point where it let the rock see it. Similar with the squeezebox.