ROCK - CD Drive and ripping support

This has come up on a few other threads, thought I would put it in as a feature request. It would be awesome to get CD ripping support in ROCK. Its the one thing I miss the most from Vortexbox which is what I sued prior to ROCK. I now have to run that on another low end pc as I dont want to have to think about ripping. Ideally having one device to do all this would be such a relief.

I personally wouldn’t want the Roon developers to spend time on this. There is little chance it would be worth their while to develop something as good as dbPoweramp, and trying to do so would take away resources from other potential improvements. It’s not like we don’t already have access to other very powerful ways to achieve CD ripping

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Linux already has a very good cd ripping software that’s been used in vortexbox and I imagine sonic transporters for years. No need for something new or clone of dbpoeeramp.

It might not ever arrive in ROCK, but there’s a possibility that a CD ripping function might be added to the Nucleus. I can see that as a logical addition to the Nucleus features.

Please, no. The Roon devs should not waste time re-inventing the wheel on this one. Especially since the wheel is a lot more complex than people think it is if you want to have good CD rips. Stick to Exact Audio Copy and the likes.