ROCK code support Intel Core i7-7820HK

I’m thinking of getting the following
Super MINI Gaming PC Intel Core i7-7820HK/i7-7820HQ GTX 1650 4GB 2 * DDR4 Spiel Computer Desktop windows 10 4K DVI HDMI DP.
for Rock core OS.

Will this Rock OS work properly with this mini PC?

Only one way to know is to try it…it will wipe any other data on the drive installing rock, but you most likely issue will be the Ethernet device support

Is there any way to fix the Ethernet device issue if it happens?

Perhaps with an external usb Ethernet dongle

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Thank you for the resolve

Best to try it first but if you have windows on it already maybe try on a smaller ssd as rock only needs around 64-128gb drive

Even as a test an hdd would suffice to test the ethernetport.

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I’ve already have a NUC pc with RockOS latest version running maybe I can swap the SDD HD with it?

Can try won’t hurt

Take a backup first. Then at least if it messes up you can rebuild your database.

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