ROCK codec update on NUC

Hello, I cannot understand the ROCK tutorial on how to update the Codecs using a Windows 10 computer that is connected to the same network. The Mac instructions are very straight forward but very difficult to understand for a PC. Accessing the ROCK on the network through a browser is intuitive enough but where do you place the codec file? The folder is not visible in that interface and the instructions do not specify where to find it. Please provide a step by step on how to find the codec folder on the NUC.

Connect to the new Rock Server

Verify Rock is Running
On your PC, open a web browser and enter the ROCK NUC’s IP address or enter http://rock/ . It should open up the ROCK Web Interface. This Web UI provides information about version, run time, allows you to re-install or Update ROCK OS, format storage. However, it should show “Missing Codecs”.

We need to copy the “ffmpeg” file we downloaded earlier to the Codec directory.

In Windows file browser, enter and you will bring up a page with DATA folder.
Click Data,

Click Codecs and then copy and paste the “ffmpeg” file into this location
On the WebUI page, click the Red Button drop down and choose reboot.

The ROCK NUC will reboot and instead of “Missing Codecs” you should see “Roon Server Software” with an “OK” underneath.

Here is a screenshot from my Windows 10 Explorer.
Hope, it will help.


Much appreciated. It was easy to find now because for some reason ROCK is listed under “Network” now and it was not before.

The codec needs to be updated? After the initial install?

Added, rather than updated.

It gets round licensing issues if Roon include the codec automatically.

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