Rock complete ~ drive is is unavailable

Completed setting up a NUC and everything seems to be working fine… added an internal drive for storage and is working. In the app under settings / storage it says this drive is unavailable. Is this normal? I realize that drive is not for storage, but seems strange that message makes it looks like something is not set up right?

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Tried to add screen shot… the drive is optimized core kit / …user / music

I don’t understand why it’s showing the second drive.My settings just show the core setup and internal drive as with your top details.The lower listing looks like a music folder on your pc

I did restore or migrate from a backup from a laptop core I was using prior to the nuc. Looks like that was the path? Wonder if I should edit or delete? The migration went OK It didn’t bring any of the CDs I had ripped and added to the library which weren’t many. So anyway I don’t care about losing anything from the old drive at this point plus I still have access to it if I need it I guess?

Delete it,just keep the top details,you might have conflicts between the two

I’ve just set up a Nuc 8i5 in a akasa Turing case,fanless.much better than a previous Mac mini

What do you see on your network address ie

Please confirm if I should delete the drive on storage page? Thank you

Not an official Roon support tech, but,…

It looks like you have installed a new internal drive but have yet to copy all the music over. Before doing anything, you should review the step in Roon’s Migration FAQ and especially the following:

The answer will be different if you want to start over fresh, or, you want to retain your play stats, favorites, playlists, etc.

If you need any other insight after reviewing the documents, please ask. And, until you have decided on which way to go, you do NOT want to delete the old storage line.

Thanks, already removed it or deleted it and everything seems to be fine. like I said I didn’t have that many albums in the library so not a big deal. my playlist and settings and everything seem fine from backup.

When you say “much better” are you referring to sound? If you’re running high end sound equipment which you probably are if you’re using roon, sometimes/ most times improvements can be subtle, however I noticed a nice upgrade in sound since the new version came out and I would say adding the nuc made a another nice difference… the two together my kit is sounding fantastic and better than ever which I can only attribute it to those last recent improvements I’ve made😊 of course it could be in my mind, but don’t think so…

FYI I was using a old laptop as a core. Worked fine basically but I had some slow response at times and some glitchy things going on that I didn’t like so changed over to the nuc and very happy so far