ROCK connection issue with NAS after 1.8


Please find problems as below and assist further. Thank you

  • ROCK connection issue with NAS after 1.8
  • Keep disconnect/reconnect within minute

My setup

  • ROCK installed in Intel NUC8i5BEH Roon version 1.8 (build 756)

  • Remote(s) on iPad Roon v.1.8 (build 748) & iPhone Roon v.1.8 (build 748)

  • Both Intel NUC, NAS and Raspberry Pi4 (as endpoint) wired with WI-FI router

  • Music is stored in NAS about 30000 tracks

Tidal connection also failed now.

Tidal down Globally; this time not a Roon issue.

@Edmund_Comber Thanks

Hi @Kan_Tam1

Apologies for the trouble!

Since updating have you tried rebooting the Core and the Synology?

Are you able to connect to the Synology outside of Roon? Is the connection lost there as well?

Hi @dylan ,

My system is running smoothly two days ago, indeed, I do nothing so far after my post but just reboot my NUC in every morning.

Thanks your Good team and keep on to make this better.

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