ROCK crashed on NUC (NUC7i7BNH)

Just had ROCK suddenly reboot on me during playback (I was adding an album from Tidal while playing back something else, and – boom!)

Does ROCK automatically send crash logs to you guys?

(Note that I’d been running ROON on a SkullCanyon NUC under W10 for months with no crashes at all, so I was kind of surprised that the “simpler”, all-ROON configuration crashed during the first hour.)

Have you heard anything back on this? I haven’t had this happen yet, but I am alert for it. I just installed ROCK on this same box last night [45 minutes from opening the Amazon box to listening to music; absolutely amazing]. I was running Roon previously on my Synology DWRS2416+RP, and it did well, until I wanted to start taking advantage of DSP upsampling. The NUC isn’t even batting an eye.

Not a word. Have only had the one crash, but since this is the only way to get support, I thought I’d try…but no, no response.

This isn’t really the support section. You can post there or you can preface your post elsewhere with @support and they should be along to help. :slight_smile:

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Hi David,

I removed your other post and moved this to support.

@support should be with you soon.

Cheers, Greg

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Hi @David_Nanian ---- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the wait here.

In regard to your question, ROCK does not automatically send us a crash report when an issue occurs. We still use the same methods for log gathering as we have in the past (i.e either manually or by way of a support ID).

Moving forward, I understand that this issue has only come up once based on the information provided in your report. By chance the TIDAL content you were trying to add when this crash happened, did it end up getting added to your library successfully or did you end up having to add it after the crash happened?


It got added, then ROCK restarted.

Hi @David_Nanian ---- Thank you for the follow up and confirming that information for me. If you happen to notice this behavior again can please dump us a set of logs?


If it crashes again I will do so. (I assume you mean “Save support package”.)

ROCK crashes frequently on my NUC7i5BNK – happened again just a few minutes ago. I was downloading something from HDTracks, and playback (internet radio) stopped. Only way I could get it back was to power cycle the NUC.

This is my second NUC. I’m using a 4i5 NUC as an HTPC, and I note that it loses network if I leave it on 24 hours. Do the NUCs power-save the network device, and can that “feature” be disabled?

I’m going to start paying more attention to what’s going on on my network when crashes occur, and post more info.

Hi @David_Nanian ---- Thank you for touching base, I appreciate you keeping an eye on this :sunglasses:

If you do happen to end up in this state again, please use the instructions found here to send us logs.


Hi @Archibald_Harrison ---- If you are crashing frequently I would definitely like to grab some logs from you. Can you please follow the instructions found here and upload us logs from the NUC7i5BNK hosting ROCK.

Furthermore, can you please provide the following information:

  1. The details of your setup as seen here

  2. You mentioned that you noticed the crash occurred while performing the following tasks:

“happened again just a few minutes ago. I was downloading something from HDTracks, and playback (internet radio) stopped.”

Does this same behavior cause the device to crash every time?


Rock System: NUC7i5BNK/8Gb RAM/250Gb SDD (Roon 1.3, build 234)
Remotes: iPad Pro 12.9 (Roon 1.3, build 233, 64-bit), Nexus 7 (Roon 1.3, build 233, 32-bit)
Wired/Wireless Router: AmpliFi Mesh - The NUC, Bryston, and NAS are all hard wired (CAT7)
NAS (music storage): Netgear 12TB
Audio Zones: Bryston BDP-2, FireTV, and two private zones (Win10 computers)
Roon DB: 16815 tracks

Crash descriptions (last two I remember): 1 - Garbled characters on the Nexus (artists names). No playback possible on either the Nexus or the iPad.
I rebooted the Nexus; same result. Ended up recycling the NUC. 2- Internet radio playback stopped; could not not recover playback;
recycling the NUC solved the problem.

I was downloading from HDTracks on a another computer (Win10) when the Internet Radio playback stopped. This is the first time HDTracks may have been involved in a crash.
I do not remember the circumstances during the other crash, but I do not believe I was doing anything out of the ordinary.

Log file zip is available at:, username: u46416481-ROON, password: Logs4Roon

Hi @Archibald_Harrison ---- Thank you for the follow up and providing the requested information/logs. Confirming they’ve been received and are in our queue to be evaluated by a member of our tech team.

Once my report has been updated, I will be sure to up date the thread with the team’s thoughts/findings. We greatly appreciate your patience.


Roon was unavailable today when I tried to use it (the web interface was also unavailable). Had to recycle it to get it back.

ROCK crashed again during internet radio playback. The remote on my iPad looks normal, but nothing will play.

I would expect the iPad to lose connection to the core rather than look normal if ROCK had crashed?

I guess that’s my point. If the iPad looks ok, why will nothing play? Everything else in my network is behaving normally. I switched over to my internet radio appliance – no problems.