ROCK Crashing with Low Powered NAS

I have a low powered NUC (5CPYH) that has worked with ROCK for my first few months with only periodic (but acceptable) disruptions in service. My music library is stored on an equally low powered (but still acceptable) Synology NAS - DS214.

This morning, while performing my once every few weeks backup of the NAS, Roon kept crashing where I cycling through the following screens:


I haven’t seen this before. Could this be due to the extra tax on the NAS during the backup?

What is your approx # of tracks in your library (on Nas and tidal/qobuz started)? and how much RAM in the NUC?


Everything is fine now. I think my NAS can’t run Roon and intensive Synology apps at the same time. Roon runs without crashing now that the backup completed.

To your questions. I have 32,000 tracks and my NUC has (I think) 4 GB of RAM. A new NUC may be in my future…