ROCK —> DAC - USB Insulator - Reclocker?

Hello support

Changed my setup this morning…still sound awesome but also looking for some improvements…so
Have this in mind between ROCK and the DAC

Is there any other products there comes in mind from you guy’s and gaals?

I use Jact.

yI have a couple of these (ipurifier3) at my DACs. Noise floor is good.

Ok…thnks for answer

I have had quite a lot of Ifi devices and ended up selling all of them. They are just mediocre products. The Ipurifier2 did nothing at all in my system, the Iusb had realy crappy connectors. The whole build quality was cheap chinese and a simple lt3045 regulator board provided much better results then the Ifi. The dc purifier, same story, not worth it, did nothing. The Ipower failed after two months and was noisy as hell. Ifi is over priced, over rated. Lowbudget stuff for not so low budget prices. Don’t believe the hype, save your money for better equipment or even better yet, room treatment.

what is your take on the iematch? I bought 2 of these because I think they are so good at waht they do. With Campfire Solaris and IO it takes all noticeable noise away, nothing any other device did/.

Hi @Nyquist

Did you contact our support team regarding your iPower? We would have been more than happy to arrange a replacement.

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@rrwwss52 We are glad you like your iPurifier3’s :smiley:

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With an asynchronous USB DAC, surely ‘re-clocking’ a USB data stream is irrelevant?

No I didn’t, I just threw it away. It was my fourth dissapointment with Ifi stuff so I didn’t bother anymore.

From my experience reclocking is well worth while when it’s made with excellent hardware, for example


Too bad you think they are mediocre. I think exactly the opposite. For the money. these are great products. I actually spent some time with the ifi staff at CanJam LA last month. Good folks, good products.

I have multiple ifi products, ipurifier2, ipurifier3, itube, ipower 5v, 9v, 12v, and ipower AC purifier, ipower DC purifer…all have worked well for me over the years and none have failed. Maybe some other issues with system are affecting system performance. You can’t expect a $50-$100 tweak to make a modest system sound like a mid-five or six figure one.

I do have a five figure system that performs pretty damn well. But like many others I like to play around a bit.

Only the Ipower has failed, the others did not but they also did not make any positive change in sound quality either. They did not made a negative change either, they just did nothing at all. The medicre comment refered to the built quality wich is a bit cheasy, connectors are all a bit cheasy. Not something I would expect for this kind of money.

My point is, if the feed to the DAC is asynchronous, and therefore bit-perfect and jitter-free in the DAC after it has been re-clocked by the DAC’s clock, what is the point of these products?
Aren’t they just products made for a ‘problem’ that doesn’t exist?

The DAC is usually not re-clocking, it is just adding it’s own clock to the data(packets) after receiving. The crystal on the USB device is not a digital audio clock. It just makes the USB interface ‘work’. A Totaldac re-clocker works on the actual audio stream (as does a Mutec MC-3) and makes a big difference to the sound.

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Recently, I put a Mutec 3+ USB in my chain.

I seems to have resulted in better imaging.

Could I have lived without it?

Yes, but shiny objects, ya know. :smirk:

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It is always worth reminding ourselves that data integrity (as in the right bits in the right order) is not the issue these devices claim to address. And that USB is unique in that it involves coupling power busses between two devices that may have have very different power purity requirements. So it is device dependent. There may be some benefit, there may not. Personally I found them to be educational. And the thing I learned is to avoid USB where practical.

I will also add that I had an early iteration of an iFi USB device and I do recognise the criticism of the quality of the USB connectors on those early models.

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Ok…Ordered the iPurifier3…looking for the A/B test for my Pro-Ject Pre S2 DAC…Dont expect great improvement…corse the implementation of ROON READY protocol…Lets se…be back

I tried one on my Ifi DAC made 0 difference