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I am running ROCK on an Intel NUC and am quite pleased with it. I have a modest (1 TB) library of FLAC files ripped from my CD collection. I rip the CDs from my Mac to an external drive on the Mac, then move the files across my wired network to the NUC.

Is there a way to do an intelligent upload to synchronize the files from my master drive on the Mac to the internal drive on the ROCK? Otherwise it is tedious to open each folder and drag and drop individual album files.

As I rip newly acquired CDs, is there a way to do an incremental upload?

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Try this.

I personally use Chronosync for Mac to do all my sync jobs to NAS, NUC, and external drives. Very reliable with lots of options on how you want to set your individual sync jobs (just make sure your NUC is mounted on the Mac for where your music files reside - I have mine auto-mounted upon boot). You can also setup emails to yourself for failures as another type of notification.

I also have ‘ChronoMonitor for iPhone’ installed which gives me a daily update of all my synced jobs (success and failures) - especially useful when away from home.

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Sometimes a picture helps … below is my sync task using Chronosync:

I rely on Chronosync daily. It’s an excellent way to back up my music to my many redundant hard drives to ensure I never lose anything.

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Sync Back Pro , there is even a free version (not sure of any limitations) , I have been using this for literally years , it just works …

(For a variety of reasons) I have a tower desktop with 4 x HDD drives for audio and video, I have a NUC / ROCK with 4Tb SSD and a 5TB USB External drive local to my streamer / headphone amp

my work flow is

new album > import into desktop > fix up metadata etc ,

When I am happy run SyncBack to copy to the NUC internal drive. No direct edits or additions to NUC

I have a tendency to “tidy up” metadata so it syncs any other changes I have made