ROCK DB corrupt for the second time - how to increase logging?

As per the title my DB seems to have corrupt and despite removing the DB through the web interface and trying again the music import gets 10 seconds in then crashes continually.

ROCK has crashed in the same way for me before hand and the only fix was to reinstall from USB and start again.

I have the logs from this but I think they are from after the initial crash - still be nice to know whats causing it. - can a staff member please let me kow the best way to send through a 385kb zip file.

Is there a way to extend the logging period to more files or is it possible to save these logs to a connected USB device or similar and not rotate the logs?


Flagging @support for you…

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@paul_barber can you tell us something about the hardware too? Perhaps you have a bad drive? If you’re restoring a back-up, perhaps its corrupted? What happens if you start with a fresh DB?

Hardware has crossed my mind after this last issue.

Intel Nuc7i3 - 8gb of memory that passed memtest86+ last crash and a toshiba rd400 ssd.

Same issues with the fresh db - the only way to move forward is to reinstall from usb and start again that way.

When you get things straightened out, there’s this -

Roon Backup Verification

Hi @paul_barber,

This might not be corruption if it’s still occurring after starting fresh. Would you kindly use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link? We can take a look and hopefully our team can better understand what might be happening.


Thanks @dylan.

I confirmed the original issues were following a roon-server update.

Blowing everything away was the only way to get this up and running but I’ve since moved to having this run on a old Mac mini as I’m frustrated with having to rebuild and the backups been useless In my case.

Time permitting I’m going to install Ubuntu server and roon-server to see if the issue is the nuc, roon rock in my case or generally roon-server updates on Linux.

Hello @paul_barber, just checking in to see if you’ve had a chance to upload those logs Dylan was talking about, thanks!

@paul_barber, FWIW my RoonServer, running on WIN10, has damaged my database three times now, necessitating a Restore every time.

I’m too lazy to hassle reporting it, but I suppose I should.

Take copious Backups.

Sorry Nuwriy - the logs from that installation are gone.

Is it possible to have logs pushed to another device or extend the number of logs that are kept?


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