ROCK diagnostic tools?

I like my little ROCK NUC setup but am concerned about the fairly regular “Failure to load Database…” error I get. The NUC is a year old, an i7 10th gen and with plenty of RAM. But the failures are caused by something. Are there plans for any maintenance utilities or tools so that diagnoses can be made more readily? Maybe there already are some and I am unaware of them…



Sounds like your ssd might be dodgy or your database has some corruption.

Yes, It does hint of that… but again, are there any tools to check? Can’t do it by any method that I know of. It would be great if ROCK included some linux toolkits for this kind of assessment.

Nope nothing other than ask support to check out logs to see if it shows anything.

I’d echo @CrystalGipsy’s comment and suggest that you raise a Support request in the #support category of the forum and ask for your logs to be checked. A “fairly regular Failure to load Database” message is not usual.