ROCK doesn't find Network Share anymore

… though nothing has changed since yesterday and NAS is up and running :no_mouth:

ROCK reboot and all is fine again
btw… just a bit more than 24h since last time I had to reboot ROCK :roll_eyes:
a ROCK option for scheduled reboots would be a godsend :wink:

Diagnosing where the issue is, in the ROCK web ui, does “Restart” on the “Roon Server Software” section fix the issue or is a full reboot required?

We would rather just find/fix the issue, rather than add a band-aid to the product. However, if you are not happy waiting for a solution and fine with the “reboot” option, then you can always use something like this:

I have one to reboot a Crestron processor at 5am :slight_smile:

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sorry Danny: only tried a full reboot, this time
yesterday (Roon Control not finding Core) tried a Server restart first, to no avail, then a full ROCK reboot which did it

btw: my NAS auto-sleeps at 3.00AM and I manually wake it up when needed. at that point, usually, Roon auto-remounts the share. this morning looks it did not (though… looking at NAS’ control panel Roon was connected). hope this helps

happy to wait for the fix (need be) but… :wink:

if you turn off the auto-sleep, does your ROCK have issues?

asked before enabling NAS’ auto-sleep(*) with ROCK and was told “it will just re-mount the share once it becomes available again” and actually never had a single glitch 'till yesterday (3+ weeks)

will try disabling it but… might take a long time to get an answer :stuck_out_tongue:

(*) fanless NAS (Qnap HS-251+): I’d really like the HDs had some “rest” as they run pretty hot the whole day

Drives were meant to run hot[1], and for a long time. The wear comes from spinning them up. Long spinning drives, even if hot, die less often.

[1]: by hot, I mean human-hot – not drive hot.

WD Reds in my NAS are running at 55°+ :sweat:
close to my FirstWatt J2’s temperature in winter :laughing:

Those drives are made to run long hours and hot. They are meant for 24x7 in hot NASs.

WD Red is fine up to 60C, and some models are fine even at 65C.

You are probably doing more damage to them spinning them down regularly. Note that drive failure rates go up slightly when hot, but they skyrocket when run cool.

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ok, NAS’ auto-sleep disabled :sweat: