ROCK downloads a lot of data

Roon Rock Intel NUC i7

I have a roon ROCK in a network using 4G mobile communication. According to my ISP (I have a limited amount of available data), I use a lot of data when I’m not present on the site. After de-attaching all network appliances one by one, I see that my ROCK is the culprit. It seems to me that the ROCK is downloading between 2,77 and 3,01 GB on a regular interval (approx every 8th day). My backups of the database goes to an internal SSD, and I can’t find another option in Roon that should indicate that Roon downloads data.

I have appox 200.000 songs, among them quite a few in a Tidal account.

Any suggestions on how to eliminate this problem?

Hi @Sven_Chr_Ulvatne,

Roon is going to be downloading metadata updates and artist photos in the background on a regular basis. For example, if you have a new release in your library that had no metadata last week, but this week we’ve added full credits, Roon is going to ensure that your Core has detailed information for every performer and composer listed in the credits, and all of that is going to be downloaded from our metadata service, so while the numbers sound a bit high, this isn’t unexpected or something that can be turned off.

I would suggest that anyone running Roon should be using a fixed line connection ideally with at least 50GB data allowances but ideally unlimited. I personally doubt that 4G broadband is going to cut it even on a small library.

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