ROCK Dual Ethernet - Primary Port Not Exposed [RESOLVED]

Sure, I did switch to dhcp, but the IP address is exactly the same. Please compare the

pictures. through is the range of what happens when dhcp is not giving you an address. you sure the cable is plugged in?

Yes, plugged in and working. However, the fixed IP address is still there in the settings and I can’t delete it. I even reinstalled the OS and it’s still there. I just wish to delete it, that’s all. How do I do that?

Format the drive with the OS and then reinstall.

Ok, will give it a try.

One more question in regards to this dual ethernet setup. If access to internet is provided through the usb-ethernet adapter and an endpoint is directly connected to the lan input of the NUC running ROCK, is it possible for the endpoint to have internet access? In other words, can the internet connection be shared from the port connected to a router/switch to the other port which is directly connected to the endpoint?

This is very important for me because my endpoint is the dCS Network Bridge which supports AirPlay. I use Apple TV 4K as a media player where I send video through hdmi to my tv, and audio through AirPlay to the dCS NBR. In Windows 10 I was able to bridge connections and have direct connection between the PC (Roon core) and endpoint, and still have internet access on the endpoint part.

Since migrating to ROCK, if I wish to use AirPlay I need to disconnect the dCS NBR from ROCK and connect it to my switch. The frequent plugging/unplugging of cables can be pretty tiring if it happens several times a day.

No, this is not possible with ROCK.

While others may not agree here, I would argue the potential benefit you get from using the direct connection is mostly invalidated as well if you do this. That said, the direct connection isn’t buying you much (if anything at all).


Got it, thanks.

Will you be able to solve this in the future?

There is nothing to solve. This is not something we want to change.


Complete IP traffic isolation.

And it’s very good for SQ! :slight_smile: Danny could you add this instruction to ROCK web manual? I have experienced difficulties with connecting my endpoint directly via ethernet to the NUC with ROCK until I found the right information on the forum.

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