ROCK -> Emotiva PT-100 [Resolved]

I’m experiencing an issue with playback from my ROCK NUC to a USB DAC.

The DAC is an Emotiva PT-100 which works over optical from my TV but I’m not able to get playback from my rock NUC over USB. I get the usual, Tidal playback error about connectivity or whatever when I try and play. I had no issues with my Auralic Vega connected to my ROCK, but this one isn’t working.

I realize it’s not Roon Ready certified, now, so is there anything I can do to get it working or at least troubleshoot? Or should I just return it and get something else? I assumed it would be fine, since I’ve never had a DAC not work on my windows or Mac machines, but it seems the ROCK doesn’t have the same pool of drivers to work off of.

Never mind, I just had to restart my Roon server and it worked perfectly. :slight_smile: