ROCK Error: "Error:MethodMissing" Message & HDMI Failing to Enable - [Solved - Updated ROCK to Newest Build]

I’ve just install rock on an intel 7i3 nuc, which meets the specs. I followed all the instructions regarding the bios settings etc and successfully have rock installed with music on an attached usb drive and I can play music through my ipad which I use to control things. However.

When I went to settings audio to add end points, my ipad could be seen but it took ~10mins to enable, but it finally did. I also have an ATV 4K which took as long to enable but finally did. The 3 hdmi outputs connected to core refuse to enable. They have just sat there for best part of an hour saying enabling. When I go to the device setup for the ATV or the ipad all I see is an “audio device” with a speaker icon, “volume limits” saying volume is fixed and a show advanced dropdown. Soon after the windows loads, a little message pops up between the greyed out “load defaults” and “cancel” buttons saying “Error:MethodMissing” So something is amiss here.

Everything is on the same network subnet as I can see the shared rock data folder from my laptop and the ipad plays music.

From the rock web page

Ok scrub all that.
Rock has just updated itself to v158 and all the issues have been fixed.
Does lead one to wonder why you can still download a broken version.

Please shut this call now
Thanks Paul

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