ROCK error message suggestion

I migrated from Ubuntu 16.04 LTS to ROCK over the weekend, and encountered a strange error yesterday. First I got one of these:

2018-02-18 10_15_51-Settings

And finally:

2018-02-18 10_16_13-Settings

After attaching a monitor, it seems that for some reason the machine could not obtain a DHCP lease again. For those without a monitor nearby, it might be helpful to add some verbiage to the error message to check the network connectivity or DHCP, as this might be the reason the device state failed to load (because it could not connect).

(Obviously, the javascript had loaded already prior in the browser, so admittedly an edge case. And, yes, I have added a wireless config now for backup admin just in case.)

Doesn’t seem like this comes up very often for Roon users, but it did for me last night after we had a power failure. Power wasn’t out for very long, but when it came back, I experienced the above scenario. I tried power cycling my NUC a couple times via the front power button, but always with the same result. I then removed the NUC from power (unplugged it), to check that all cables were properly seated. When I plugged it back in, Roon came up fine. Big sigh of relief!

So bottom line, I have absolutely no idea what happened or what resolved it, but if it happens to you, try this highly technical troubleshooting technique - pull the plug and then plug it back in.

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