Hello ROON

Looking for advice here…
Want to play my DSD files directly to the DAC, without conversation to pcm…over the network
Moved the ROCK away from my NAD758v3 course interference in the cables…and noise

Anybody help me out?


Probably need to clarify just a bit. Are you saying that all that you changed was to move your ROCK server to another location on your network? Are you using ethernet cable or is part of the connection wireless?

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Sorry…Via ethernet cable to my BLUOS module in the NAD758v3…BLUOS are converting the DSD files to pcm…i dont want that…

Does it actually support native dsd via BluOS i think it has to convert to PCM. You can try changing the DSD strategy in the Device setup in Roon to see if it helps.

BLUOS module can actually play DSD…just don’t native playback…altso require the files is on the PC or MAC with the BLUOS app installed. I dont want my mobile Pc in my listening room…i mean the noise from the fan
Have been looking on a streamer from Yamaha or Marantz…im sure there another option in RasberryPi…i just dont now anything about this hardware…thats why im asking for some advice in here

That means the software on pc will likely be converting them to pcm anyway. Roon will likely not be seeing the Bluos as having native DSD support and is transcoding to PCM. If the DAC on the amp can handle native DSD in via USB then look to use an Allo USBridge as a cheap option or sonore Microrendu or SoTM SMS 200 for a higher option. I would avoid a pi as they can struggle with usb and DACs.