ROCK fails to update

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

ROCK running on an Intel NUC 8i5. 8 GB of RAM, 120 GB M2 SSD.
OS 1.0 build 221.
Roon server 1.7 build 571.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

1000/1000 fiber network connected to three Google OnHub nodes. TP-LINK switches connected to the OnHubs

Description Of Issue

I get an update alert when I start the Roon app on my Android phone or Windows computer. When trying to install the update a download starts, I get a brief notice about a necessary reboot of the server, the NUC reboots, the app connects to the server again and the alert reappears. See screenshots for details.

As shown on the ROCK Web UI in your second screenshot, the OS version is 221. There were issues with this version and the latest version is 227.

Click on Reinstall next to the Operating System.

After that, it should allow you to upgrade to build 610 of Roon Server.

Cheers, Greg

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Hi @ragwo — Can you try choosing the Reinstall option under Operating System? Thanks!

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Thank you both for the quick response!
When I try to reinstall the OS the UI hangs “forever” and after a refresh I’m still at OS build 221, but the server build has upgraded to 610. The upgrade alert still persist in the app, and the upgrade still fails. I’ve tried to install the server build and reinstall the OS several times with no luck.

Hi @ragwo,

Again from the ROCK Web UI, can you click the red power button at the top right and select Reboot.

After that again try Reinstall of the Operating System.

Cheers, Greg

What looks very strange to me in that last screenshot of the Web Admin UI is that it claims that Roon OS has been running for more than 7 days, yet ragwo has reinstalled Roon OS several times. Shouldn’t that timer get reset to zero each time a reinstall has been done?

You’re absolutely right. The NUC wouldn’t restart using the web UI even if there was a message stating a successful reboot. After a manual shut down using the power button, everything is all right. Thanks to all of you for sorting this out!

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