ROCK for certain albums I hear a buzzing noise from DAC

Hi folks , recently purchased a 10th gen nuc , running roon and qubuz , also have some flac albums on external hard disk , everything is great only one problem , my dac ia an audionote dac sig 2.1
with wave lo usb to spdif ,

On certain albums when you select play you get that buzzing noise from the dac , its like the dac is
trying to lock onto the signal , any ideas why , you have to select another track quick , cant stand the buzzing sound , phil.

Is it on sample/bit depth changes it happens? Might try playing with resync delay in the device settings advanced menu and see if it helps. Some DACs are not great at changing sample rates quickly. The older xmos usb interface had loads of issue with Roon on Linux some time ago but that got ironed out in some update to compensate for it.

Hi thanks , the spdif i use is xmos , it wont play at all just certain albums isaac hayes hot buttered soul , also atomic for the people rem to naim 2 albums that wont play , but they do play on my
lenovo tablet that i use as remote , through the lenovo speakers that is , will try what you have suggested , cheers phil.

Now sorted , my dac is 24 96 and roon was set to 24 192 , now all working fine . phil.