ROCK for large libraries

4 years ago I built my own ROCK and have been rather pleased with it

I have decided to build another but the guidance differentiates between small to medium libraries and large libraries i.e. anything above 12,000 albums is a large library

My question is then does 12,000 mean just those on my local drive or does that include those from Qobuz/Tidal that I have included in my library?


It’s inclusive (local files + Added streamed tracks), the number of tracks in your library is show on the Roon apps home page.

Thanks, Carl, just checking I imagined it would be so

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How many tracks do you have in your library? And, how fast is it growing?

If you have been using an i5 up til now, and still enjoy the performance, a 12th gen i5 would work even faster. Or, make the jump to an i7. It all depends on your current library size and your guesstimated growth rate (assuming all other factors are the same).

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