ROCK Hardware Primer

Omg! Congratulations Team Roon! However, im not happy about it​:smiley: (Jealous of those who can get ROCK installed :joy:)

My NUC is 1month away :frowning:

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If you don’t want to wait for cheaper 64GB option…I’m using Samsung 850 EVO - 250GB - M.2 SATA III Internal SSD

Don’t worry about endurance, you will not even be filling half of the 128 GB drive. God choice to use your 950 pro for something else the Intel will be more than adequate.

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Why not just get the 128GB or 256 Intel 600p ?

At time when I bought it, it was only $80 (open box I think). It seemed bigger bang for buck.

I can’t figure out how to disable network boot in the BIOS

It’s a dropdown that you need to set to “Disabled”, kind of like what’s shown here.

Let me know if you’re still stuck and I can check the exact placement.

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Me too, only 1 zone.

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To @AMP Andrew P
Owner of Esoteric Audio
Write’n down the 24 February.

Thanks for the great write up, sir. Based on great knowledge do I believe!

It’s helping me what I need to buy and not necessary need.

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Is storage connected directly to the ROCK/NUC accessible to the network? Can I add/modify files without removing/moving?

yup, \\rock\data\Storage<drive> for external drives, and \\rock\data\Storage\InternalStorage for the built-in drive

Great–so I can buy an enclosure and repurpose my 500GB internal drive as a USB drive connected to ROCK. Perfect.


Looking for this conversation!
For external HDD /SSHD, it can be filled in with music db using other means (windows/Mac OS machines) and plug in to NUC USB correct? (Assume FATEx formatting )

Yes, I have plugged in USB drives formatted with EXFAT that already had music files on them, and they were recognized fine by Roon.

A review of the KB article yields additional information:

Among other tidbits:

ROCK will also work with NTFS ,FAT32, and ext2/3/4 drives, but if you are starting fresh with USB storage, our recommendation would be to us exFAT.

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Its a good deal!. However it would be good for ROCK OS to sit on 256GB M.2 NVMe, instead of 2.5" 256GB right?

That way, 2.5" slot can be used for internal music albums - options are 1TB-2TB or more.