ROCK hardware query [Answered]


I am currently running Roon server on a dedicated box running Ubuntu. It has a Quad Core Intel Celeron J1900 2.0GHz processor, 8Gb RAM and a Kingston Hyper-X 120Gb SSD. Music is stored on a Synology NAS and output is to an RPi endpoint running DietPi and connected to a Benchmark DAC via SPDiF.

Whilst this setup works well, I like the idea of a self contained software solution like ROCK. I am not clear though if the ROCK software (designed for i3, i5 and i7 NUCs) will work on the Celeron hardware?

Can anyone enlighten me please?


I think the answer will be that it might well work now, but it is not officially supported and there is no guarantee that it will continue to work, as it is only built to work with NUC processors of the 5th, 6th and 7th generations.


Thanks Paul, I had not considered the long-term support implications.


@Douglas_Gunn have you installed ROCK on your quad core celeron J1900? I just got one and I plan to install ROCK…


No, in the end I decided it wasn’t worth the potential hassle. Stayed with Ubuntu (which is working fine).


Wise decision! :slight_smile:

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but curiosity got the better of me and I tried an install of ROCK on the above hardware.

It works a treat - no problems whatsoever.


Good to know!