ROCK hardware query - slow searches/playback

Hi all. So I’m running ROCK on an Intel i7 BNH NUC, and have a small SSD and 8GB of RAM. My library is around 7,500 albums, or 100,000 tracks, and is stored on a separate Synology DS918+ NAS.

I’m noticing that day-to-day use of Roon seems to be slow - performing searches, or even the delay in pressing “play” on a different album and waiting for the current track to stop playing.

Would 16GB of RAM help with that, or is it way overkill? I’m not very technical. Thanks so much in advance!

Cheers - John.

Extra RAM is highly unlikely to fix the problem. Roon uses ~1GB RAM, the Linux OS next to nothing, so the bulk of your 8GB is already going to block cache. The Roon database will never come close to exceeding that, so should easily all get cached in RAM. Searches are done against the local database, so the NAS doesn’t even come into the picture at that point.

How are you connecting? Hardwired or Wi-Fi? If Wi-Fi, can you test hardwiring?

(This is an example of where ROCK falls short compared to loading a ‘regular’ Linux distro – since they don’t let you ssh into it, if anything is not right, you have no real way to diagnose and troubleshoot it.)

Thanks @cwichura for your detailed reply - I have to confess I restarted the ROCK and things are back to normal - much speedier.

The ROCK is hardwired to the router, as is the NAS, but the remotes are all WiFi. Should restarting have had such a dramatic effect? Previously I have just left it on for months, maybe I should restart it periodically.

Thanks anyway!

I find this with ROCK to, but I am on older unsupported hardware. I am finding I am having to reboot more often with the latest version of the os. I have ordered a new 7th gen serve but not a NUC as they are too expensive for my budget.

Hello @John_Merritt,

Thanks for contacting support, I’d be happy to assist here. The behavior you’re seeing might have been related to how long the unit was left on. I would not worry too much but if the issue occurs again, please let me know the date and exact time that it occurs (ex. 1:51PM) and we can enable diagnostics mode for your account and take a deeper look at what could be going on. I would also make sure that you are running the newest version of Roon on your ROCK (build 360).