ROCK in NUC with one disc M.2 for Roon Core and music library

Is it possible to use M.2 disc with installed ROCK for music library?

No the M.2 is only used for the base operating system and the database, you can store the music library either on an addtional internal driver or an external USB one.

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It does also work the other way round - ROCK on a 2.5" SSD and music library on M2 SSD in a NUC. Mine ended up like that for one reason or another.

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If you install the second drive after installing rock you will avoid that problem

Only if your NUC doesn’t arrive with ROCK already installed on a small capacity 2.5 SSD and you don’t have a 1 TB M2 drive already available for your library.

When you install ROCK and already have both drives installed you can actually choose where to install the OS and DB too, both drives will show up and you can select one of it.

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Yes I know, I did it that way :grinning:. But some people get confused and installing rock first is foolproof.

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