ROCK Install on NUC12WSHi7

I just installed ROCK on an Intel NUC12WSHi7 32GB RAM 2TB M.2 SSD.
The system said that it was formatting the SSD. When everything was complete the Roon Controller didn’t recognized the SSD as a storage device. And gave no option for formatting the SSD on the NUC.

Repeated the entire setup process with the same result.

Roon Rock will use the M2.ssd just for the os so for music storage you will need another SSD or HDD.
Ideally you should use a small SSD in the M2 slot for the OS as 128/256mb is plenty big enough.
I would use that 2tb SSD for music storage and buy a smaller SSD for the Roon os to reside on.

Roon does not recommend using the same SSD for the OS and music files.

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How about post some screen captures here?
Fyi, I installed ROCK in SSD and use nvme m2 as storage, too. The installation is straightforward and this setup is running fine.

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