ROCK installation problem - stuck

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Got a new intel NUC and following the ROCK installation guide till stuck here (screen captured). USB flash drive preped as per guide with etcher.

The NUC has 16Gb RAM and a 512Gb M2SSD installed. Puzzled…

Need someone to shred me some lights pls

Hi @Gordon_Lau,

Can you verify that you followed all steps outlined here including the BIOS settings described here?

I’m guessing this bit is maybe what might be missed

  • Use Legacy , not UEFI

You could also try reseating the m.2 ssd board too and ensure it is sowing in the bios setting for drives

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Strictly step by step. I found on my Macbook on Catalina that Etcher won’t work and even dug out my old Mac with older OS to prep the flash. Will check the obvious again (say if the SSD is firmly plugged in)


Reinstalled the SSD. Bios is recognising it. But same old message when installing. I guess need to reach run the installation guide point by point again.


May be it’s this part i haven’t done right. Try again later

  • Set the boot order to boot from your SSD first (you can drag the drives into the proper order if you’re using a mouse. Otherwise you can use the + and - keys

Hi Gordon,
Sorry you are having problems with this. If it’s any consolation, most people do because the currently posted KnowledgeBase instruction doesn’t appear to be consistent with the 8th Generation BIOS. Fortunately, there is getting to be enough accumulated knowledge that can help you get this done. Please see what others have done to get past this step:

I’m hoping who ever wrote the original KnowledgeBase article will update for the new NUCs, but I’m just a Roon User like you.

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Let me try again later tonight :slightly_smiling_face: thks for help

Good Luck. You’ll get it.
Once it’s up and running ROCK is absolutely great. Just leave it alone and let it do it’s thing.

We are all rooting for you. It can be done.

Ahhhhhh getting the same error msg again. Wonky image file or wonky ssd?

Well, I would re-download the image. And instead of Etcher try using Rufus.

Thanks will give Rufus a go

Another option to test the SSD is install windows or linux on it if you are able to when all else fails…or at least see if it can see the drive from the installer

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@Gordon_Lau, I sent you a message. Please check your message box.

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