ROCK installation troubles

NUC 8i3BEK (with the exact Roon-recommended RAM and M2 SSD) ‘virgin’ as of yet, intend only to install ROCK on it

I’m gonna outline all the actions I have taken to install ROCK on the above-mentioned NUC machine, following closely the instructions as laid out in and also in

On the first of the two pages mentioned above is written: '‘at this point there’s no operating system on the NUC, but it should boot and you should see the Intel welcome/splash screen.’ So I move on to step 2. There, I encounter exactly the same issue as the thread:

Namely: nowhere do I see the option (as outlined in the updating BIOS page) to ‘set the boot order to boot from [my] SSD first’. Having read the community thread I just quoted above, in particular the response about a ‘bootable drive’ and ‘install[ing] ROCK from a USB stick’, I proceeded to do just that. And that’s when, having successfuly performed steps 3 and 4 from the Install Guide, I run against the issue that the NUC simply will not ‘see’ the USB! stick/flash drive on which I have downloaded and written the file/image of ROCK. I attach a shot (from a phone, by necessity of course) of the screen showing as I turn on the NUC and press F10 as directed by the Install Guide. IMG_2726|666x500

So what am In doing wrong?

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Hi @HectorK,

Did you format the drive using Etcher and not some other program? Does another flash drive exhibit the same behavior?

I managed to download ROCK onto the NUC now I think. Please see my reply to @Ratbert above about the new issue I am having. Help!

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Hi @HectorK,

Were you able to resolve the issue with @Ratbert’s help?

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