ROCK @ Intel NUC 7i5BNH / Power Down at Night?

i am new to roon, running a ROCK on a Intel NUC7i5BNH since 10 days.
Startet to use be SB Touch/Transporter and replaced a DUET with a Hifiberry DAC+pro. Work easy an provide great sound quality. And the UI/UX of roon is fantastic compared to LMS, even with iPeng.
Today i have the music files still on a QNAP 451 NAS. May change this to a local USB 5TB 2.5" HDD.

I am wondering how to shutdown the ROCK/NUC to save power. Most of the day during the week i do not listen music. Ok, its only 11W, but, why not?
ok, i could do this on the roon ROCK local webpage, but this does not help to power it up again.
A wake on lan would be nice to do this.

Any tip to do this power down/up?

Regards, Reinhold

Wake on LAN works fine using the bios settings in the setup guides.

Wake on LAN worked for my NUC7i5BNH without doing anything in BIOS @Reinhold_Schmid, I use a app on my Android phone to power the NUC on.

I still think it would be nice to be able to build a on/off shedual of some sort (like a NAS) as I mostly use my system between say 16-22 on weekdays and perhaps 8-23 on the weekends. Now I use the powerbutton on the NUC and wake on LAN to power it on and powerbutton and ROCK webpage to power it off.

Hello, Does pressing power button on the front panel of the NUC housing cuts power and causes Roon Rock to close abnormally? or Does it run the same procedure as when using the configuration page to turn off the device?
Regards Robert

It’s a graceful shutdown