ROCK Intel NUC i7

I just installed Roon Rock on an Intel NUC5i7. It is working fine. I am curious if there is a way to to get the hardware information of the machine from either the web interface or the Roon Remote app? Information like CPU type, RAM, and other system info.

Thank You

Not from the ROCK interface or the app but I think it should be visible in the BIOS?

Yes, it is visible in the BIOS, but that involves connecting it to a display and keyboard.

Can one SSH into the Roon Rock OS using a terminal and issue a Linux command to display system information?

Thank You

No, no ssh on Rock, it’s absolutely minimal
You “just installed” it, that also involved a display and keyboard?

No. If you want or need that then use a linux distribution and run Roonserver.

The tradeoff for the sleek minimalism of ROCK is that you can’t monitor that sort of system information. For me, that’s fine. For others, having ready access to that information may move them to a different solution.

May I ask how you had Roon set up before migrating to ROCK, or did you jump right in? (I’m curious to know if any new users start with ROCK; I assume many do start with Nucleus…)

I started by installing Roon on a computer running Open Media Vault that I am using as a file server.

I then tried Roon on my Synology NAS, that was too limiting.

I then installed Roon on my MacBook Pro but soon after decided that I didn’t want to always leave that powered on.

This is why I bought the NUC and installed Roon on that.

I did, FWIW. It seemed the obvious solution for what I wanted after reading about the options (and fulfilled the promise)

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