Rock Internal SSD

I installed Rock on a NUC and cannot locate the Rock on my Windows 10 explorer. Where does Rock show up? I also wanted to put some music on the internal SSD that has the rock operating system.The SSD had 500 gbytes; I don’t want all that space to go to waste. Not sure how to do this, especially when I cannot even see Rock on explorer.

You can copy music to this drive by visiting the network share:

  • Windows PC: \\Rock\Data\Storage\InternalStorage
  • or, \\<ip-address>\Data\InternalStorage

If asked for a username and password, use Guest for both.

Here’s the Knowledge base article.

I just realized I need a second SSD on my Rock to store music internally. I thought I could use the same disc that has the operating system and core but apparently not. Perhaps that is why I do not show a rock data drive on the network? A few more bucks spent on Amazon will give me the storage and then I can see if it shows up on Windows Explorer. Do you know if I have to configure rock again when I put in the second SSD?

You cannot use the internal ROCK boot drive for music storage, only a second drive installed internally or externally on USB

you will need to format the drive in the ROCK GUI then you can use it.

note also about accessing SMB V1 shares under Windows needs to be allowed.

Yes, just realized that. Perhaps that is why nothing is showing up on the network for Rock storage. I will have that fixed on Saturday with a little more money spent at Amazon. :roll_eyes:

No. ROCK will recognise it, and you’ll be given the opportunity to farmat the drive within the web admin page.
Once formatted you can access it remotely the way @mikeb describes.


Good to hear. I will let you know if there is a problem after I get the new drive on Saturday. Thanks for the feedback!