ROCK internal storage and Auralic Lightning DS

I don’t know if this should be in the ROCK or Auralic section.

Having acquired an Aries MIni, I was wondering about whether Auralic Lightning DS could use ROCK internal storage for it’s music database. Now, you could argue about why I would do that when I have Roon anyway, but I’d like to play with Lightning DS.

However, when I set the Auralic App looking for network shares, it finds the ROCK DATA share but it sees all the folders EXCEPT Storage. I wondered if anyone knew why. The only caveat I can find from Auralic is that Lightning DS needs Write access, rather than Read-Only, so that shouldn’t be a problem here.

Do you have storage attached to the NUC? The ROCK OS makes complete use of the OS drive, so unless you add a 2nd drive or attach a USB drive to the NUC, there will be no storage to share.

My music album rips are on a 1TB internal SSD that my Bluesound Node 2 can see and build a database and play from it just fine. I can navigate to it from my PC to add music. That’s why I’m at a loss as to how Lightning DS can navigate to the ROCK Data folder and then see the sub folders, but not the storage folder with the music files in it.

Update. Though the Lightning DS was not displaying the storage folder, I told it to go ahead and use the ROCK/Data SMB share to build a library. It seemed to just find the FLAC folder within storage and just got on with it. Still can’t work out why the Storage folder wasn’t displayed though.