[ROCK] Internal Storage Disk Could Not Be Formatted

I’m trying to install Rock on an Intel NUC8i3BEH, which is connected to my network over ethernet, but I seem to get the error below when trying to format my HGST 500GB HDD to use as my internal music storage. Any idea why I’m receiving the error below?


Are you sure the drive is good? Have you tried to format it on another computer?

Drive was previously used on a laptop and had been formatted several times.

Hello @Kuch_Kuch, my apologies for the trouble here. How is the drive formatted currently? Also, rugby has the right idea here. Can you format the drive from another machine?

Hello @nuwriy - thanks for getting back to me.

The drive has worked in other machines and would work when i asked for a reformat on Windows once i removed it from my Rock. Couldn’t understand why it wasn’t working, so I just bought another drive and everything is working smoothly so far - so I’m all good :slight_smile:


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